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Phoenix Medical Communications offers a range of services to suit your needs.
Rates are charged by the hour and are quoted to reflect the level of copy editing required.
Contact for a quote.
Writing on Computer
Office Work

Copy Editing - Light copy edit/proofreading

Copy Editing - Medium

  • Correcting errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation

  • Flow, accuracy and clarity 

  • Factual information is checked for inconsistency in the text and any figures or tables

  • Typically 5-6 pages per hour

  • Includes all aspects of light copy editing

  • Eliminating redundant wording and suggesting alternatives

  • Errors in grammar, syntax and usage corrected

  • Typically 3-4 pages per hour

Copy Editing - Heavy

  • Includes all elements of light/medium copy editing 

  • Deep editing for clarity and language 

  • Sections of text may be rewritten for clarity and flow as well as to rid the text of unnecessary wordiness

  • Suitable for non-native English speakers

  • Typically 1-2 pages per hour

Test Tubes

Scholarly Research

  • Literature reviews

  • Subject matter expertise in Biological Sciences and Infectious Diseases

Typing on Computer

Web Content and Blog Post Writing

  • Scientific and medical web content

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